About me



My name is Anderson (yes, my first name is Anderson --as in "Anderson Cooper") and I am based in Seattle, Washington, USA!

My main hobbies consist of binge watching Ryan Murphy shows, designing, and blogging about random things.

Professionally, my entire career has been shaped by education: ​I am an experienced educator, writer, and a manager of educational and historical resources.


Thanks to a generous scholarship provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF), I was able to pursue and complete two Master's degrees, an M.A. in Historical Resources Management and an M.S. in Geographic Information Science.


I have served two international projects of the NSF as a research assistant and, later, as a consultant. I have co-written a book aimed at teaching Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to individuals with little or no knowledge of GIS. To date, our book has received over 8k accesses on the digital media platform Scribd. 

I love learning foreign languages. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, and English. I am currently trying to learn French. As an educator, I am transitioning from academia to the K-12 environment. I am in the process of becoming certified to teach in my State (Washington) and I hope to begin my career by teaching designated world languages.

I have always loved fashion and the visual arts. As an ambitious lifelong learner, I chose to explore my love for fashion by partnering with VIDA. VIDA is a socially responsible e-commerce platform whose ethical values align with my own. I design scarves, apparel, and home décor. The makers of our products are taught how to read, write, and do basic math. If you would like to order a piece I have designed, you can do so by clicking here.

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